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Frequently Asked Questions:





Q: What is the booking process?

A signed contract is required to hire Majestic Photo-Booth Rentals (MPBR). Once the signed contract is returned to MPBR the client will receive an email with an invoice of the total amount due noted on page 1 of 2 of the contracts.  There is a $100 deposit that is required for all bookings—the deposit is applied to the total amount due. The invoice must be paid in full 30-days prior to the client’s “date of event” noted on page 1 of 2. All booking requests that fall within a 30-day window of the client’s date of event, the client must provide a signed Photo-Booth Contract and must pay in the balance in full to secure the date and time requested.


Q: What is the cancellation/refund policy?

A written notice must be given to Majestic Photo-Booth Rentals 45 days prior to the clients “date of event” noted on page 1 of 2 of the contracts to receive a full refund. If canceled in less than 45 days from “date of event” noted on page 1 of 2, then the client agrees that all fees are due, and no refund will apply. Majestic Photo-Booth rentals agrees to reschedule, with a written request by the client, only within six months of original book date.  If no event is rescheduled within six months, then the client agrees that all time and monies are forfeited.


Q: Is there an additional delivery and/or mileage fee?

 No. The delivery is absolutely free! What sets us aside from other Photo-Booth companies is                               that we do not charge a mileage fee for any event within Dallas/Ft. Worth.


Q: Is set-up and breakdown counted against my rental time?

A: No. The rental time indicated on your contract is reserved for you and your guests.

       For example: if your event is from 2p-4p, we will arrive at 1pm for set-up and we will breakdown at 4pm.


Q: What payment methods are currently available? 

We currently accept PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle Payments.

Q: How big is the Photo-Booth?

The booth is 7ft tall, 6ft long and 5ft wide. Also, required to be placed near a wall outlet.

Q: How many people can fit into the Photo-Booth?

Our booth is uniquely designed to fit up to 10 people.

Q: Is there a fee to have a background design on the photo strips?

No. This is absolutely free!

Q: Is it really unlimited photos and does everyone in the Photo-booth get a printed copy?

Yes. If you have 1 or 10 guests in the Photo-Booth, we will provide everyone with a copy.  

Photos print in 6-8 seconds.

Q: Does your Photo-Booth come with an attendant?

The rental will come with a Professional Photo-Booth attendant(s) to maximize your rental time.


Q: Do I have to tip or provide food to the Photo-Booth attendant(s)?

This is entirely up to the customer. 


Q: Will I receive a copy of all the photos taken in the Photo-Booth?

A link to all photos taken in the photo-booth will be emailed to the customer withing 5-7 business days.


How do I book with Majestic Photo-Booth Rentals?

Contact Trina (214-724-8177) or Aaron (214-952-6854)




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